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Microsoft Unveils A New Universal Mobile Keyboard And Xbox One Controller For PCs


Microsoft just announced new accessories today, it includes a new compact Bluetooth keyboard (Universal Mobile Keyboard) and a wired Xbox One controller for PC gaming. A new affordable, gray Arc Touch Mouse will be re-released too, with the exception of Surface branding on it for $70 of your hard-earned ‘bucks.’

XboxOneController_ChargeCable-e1410561605321The new controller is the same one that comes with the Xbox One. The only modification here is that it includes a USB cable which allows you to play on a Windows PC. The $60 controller comes with a battery pack in the box, it can be used wirelessly with the Xbox One console. As for the new Universal Mobile Keyboard, it’s priced at $70, and it uses Bluetooth to pair up to three devices. The Universal Mobile Keyboard has a dedicated switch to jump between Android, iOS, and Windows modes, allowing the keyboard’s home key to send you back to your OS’s home. With a battery life of 6 months on a single overnight charge, you can get  8 hours of usage on a ten minute charge. It comes with a cover that props up the Universal Mobile Keyboard while using your device. The detachable cover also serves as a cut-off switch by shutting off the keyboard when it’s fully closed. The video from Microsoft gives you a walk-through on how to use the Universal Mobile Keyboard .



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