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Apple’s iPhone 6 Indestructible ?


Apple is planning to make shattered phone screens a thing of the past with its new sapphire screen technology. Apple has previously used sapphire glass in their iPhone 5s model in the home button that doubles as a finger print scanner as well as the lenses on the camera. Sapphire is said to be the second strongest material in the world behind diamond and the glass is said to be 3 times stronger than gorilla glass. Cracked phone screens are actually quite common and can get very pricey to fix as well, so common that just about every local mall has a cell phone repair shop in it.


Check out this video what do you think?


This could be a saving grace to accident prone iPhone users with the tougher glass, although I’m sure many people will find a way to still break the glass. This is a very good move on Apples part they are giving the consumer a better product and also making it harder for 3rd party screen repairs in the future. I’m sure you wouldn’t want to put a cheap 3rd party glass replacement on your new shiny iPhone. Could this mean we will also be seeing Apple adopt sapphire glass in all of its new hand held devices? Possibly an iPad with sapphire glass, maybe the new iWatch?


Source: YouTube