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See Mad Catz Android Gaming Console Project MOJO (Video)


With E3 around the corner, we’re expecting to get more gaming news and new consoles, but that’s not stopping Mad Catz from joining the race with their Android-based gaming console called Project Mojo. Mad Catz CEO Darren Richardson announced “Project M.O.J.O.” in a recent earnings call, he said that Project Mojo is an Android “micro console,” he stated further that, it’s like a supercharged smartphone, without a display, that you plug into a flatscreen TV.

The Project Mojo is a small console with HDMI output, Micro USB connectors, and runs games from Google Play and Amazon’s appstore. One more cool feature of the Project Mojo is, the console works alongside the Mad Catz controllers, keyboards, mice, and headset. Mad Catz will be showing off the console next week at E3, in the mean time, enjoy the video from IGN to get an exclusive look at Mad Catz open Android Micro Console.