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Tribunga, First Ever Triflex Bi-pod Universal Stand For all Your Devices Needs Your Kickstarting Help.


I just came across this product on Kickstarter, and liked the concept. I do a lot of work at home , and I often get cramps from holding my mobile devices in the same position, so I totally bonded with this product. I literally have been in search for a stand I can use in bed, but all my search queries bring back a bunch of contraptions that can hurt you. This (Tribunga) seems like the perfect solution for me. Tribunga is a triflex bi-pod specifically designed for portable media devices, it uses a vacuum and micro suction combined to hold your device in place. I totally like the flexibility of the product, and it’s multifunctional ability for everyday use. The Tribunga stand can works as a camera stabilizer on ipads too, see pictures below.

The Tribunga’s  polymer ball and socket system joins to make triple flexible extensions which allows for the perfect obedience to hold various devices including the use of laptop computers.  It is very light weight and makes the perfect travel companion for hands free use where ever you go

If you like of the concept of the Tribunga Triflex Bi-pod stand, you can check it on Ananda Svarupa Das’s Kickstarter page, and help him back the project.


Source: Kickstarter

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