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Vudu Movies On Us Lets You Watch Movies With Ads For Free


Walmart’s Vudu movie streaming service is known for their high picture quality movie rentals or purchase. The video-on-demand service is adding something new to their repertoire. Their new Vudu Movies On Us feature will let users watch select movies like True Grit, Mad Max and more in 1080p HD without paying at all by . Like the saying goes, “nothing is free on the internet”, the Vudu Movies On Us free service will contain advertising breaks, that’s the price you’ll have to pay. I personally think it’s a brilliant plan to get more people to start using the service which already comes preinstalled on most smart TVs or device.

downloadThe Vudu Movies On Us users will be able to access the service from their computers, phones, TVs, game consoles or Chromecast. I tried out the service on my PC and the ads aren’t that intrusive or interfere with your enjoyment of the movie. The ad-supported movies will be available 1080p HD, if you intend to try it out, just look for the Movies on Us section under the new or Spotlight tab on Vudu’s app or website and enjoy your free flick.