This is certainly not a “damn Daniel back at it again with the white Vans” post. It’s more like a “damn Nintendo back at it with some new Vans”. For some unknown reason, Nintendo has a themed line of Vans sneakers with classic gaming icons designs like Zelda, Mario and Duck Hunt on them. The only thing we know about this Vans and Nintendo collaboration is, they are listed online by a European store who took down thanks to a cached version of the list that can be found here.

These Nintendo-themed lines of Vans sneakers will likely go on sale in June for around €65 ($75). All I can say is nice try Nintendo, at least these look better than their 2006 Nintendo sneaker try. The sneakers look really cool, and I wouldn’t mind rocking the pixelated version (top right). We’ll just have to wait until June to see if they actually go on sale. I’ve uploaded a bunch of pics that will remind you of those good old 8-bit days.