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Amazon Echo Owners Can Now Add Custom Voice Commands With IFTTT

Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo started from being a gimmicky connected speaker to being an amazing one or should I say the most sought after accessory for anyone who wants to get their space connected/automated. For those who are conversant with the Amazon Echo, you know it’s limited to the pre-programmed voice commands. Well, things just got better and more customizable thanks to the recent announcement from Amazon. Amazon Echo owners can now set up a specific trigger from IFTTT that lets you to simply ask the Echo’s virtual assistant, Alexa, to trigger whatever you want. The only downside here is, every command has to start with the word “trigger.”

This Trigger fires every time you say “Alexa trigger” + the phrase that you have defined. For instance, if you set “find my phone” as the phrase, you can say “Alexa trigger find my phone” to make your phone ring. Please use lower-case only.IFTTT

Just as seen on the IFTTT Google+ page, users can set up phrases like “Alexa, trigger find my phone” or “Alexa, trigger party time,” inside of IFTTT to trigger specific actions tied to those phrases. Even though the new feature comes with a catch, we should all remember that the Amazon Echo speaker has evolved into a much more powerful device than it was a couple of months back. Give it a try if you own one or planning to buy one this Black Friday.