Todoist is one of the top productivity apps for all mobile devices. Just a while ago they have redone and improved their mobile apps this year with Android & iOS devices. Today they begin the next step by applying new updates to it’s Mac and web apps (via browser) as well. Immediately Todoist users will recognize that the Quick Add tool (from the mobile version) was added to the to-do lists. Quick Add automatically analyzes your task’s information, priority levels, labels and due dates to add details and organize your tasks. Also added with this update comes the Quick Find which acts as a search tool to find your past tasks and task information without having to waste time searching. This also arrives from the recent mobile update. Quick Comment was also added to add notes to your task (even while creating it). The web version of Todoist is now mobile friendly (when you don’t want to open the app). Since Todoist has redone their brand logos and implemented newer features, this should help users manage their lives daily by managing tasks on the go or at work.