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Samsung Introduces The 1st Multi-Terabyte SSD


Solid State Hard Drives (SSDs) have flooded the advanced memory tech market, but if you are any bit of aware how much these bad boys cost, then you’ll understand why many have stuck with their Terabyte Hard Disk Drives (HDDs). But Samsung might have some plans to reduce prices in the future because their latest offering allows you to have two TB of SSD storage. Samsung’s 850 Evo and 850 Pro solid-state drives will offer 2TB sizes that now offer as much capacity as the regular spinning hard drive but now with that buttery smooth SSD speed. So far they are only available for desktops, but Samsung promises similar models for laptops. These do cost a bit, but hopefully the single TB prices will drop soon. The standard 2TB 850 Evo is $800, while the slightly faster, longer-lasting 850 Pro will be going for $1,000. Kudos to Samsung for taking a huge, and much-needed leap of faith.