Kiko’s Thinking Time
Kiko's Thinking Time

If you are a parent looking to teach your little children some educational skills then this app by Kiko Labs  should grab your attention. Kiko Labs collaborated with neuroscientists from Harvard University and the University of California-Berkeley, has recently released an app called Kiko’s Thinking Time. Kiko Labs also has received funding from an SBIR grant from the U.S. Department of Education and investors including Guitar Hero cofounder Kai Huang.

Kiko’s Thinking Time is an children’s game designed for the Apple iPad which is meant to help preschoolers learn new things. It will feature free, daily training lessons designed for children at ages 3-7. Parents who want to get access to all 10 games on Kiko’s Thinking Time and get a new game every month will have to pay a subscription fee of $8 a month, or $50 for the entire year. The games on Kiko’s Thinking Time are dynamic in the sense that they will get harder the better the child gets at it, meaning that children will continue to keep challenging, developing and pushing themselves.

According to Jenny Thomson, a neuroscientist and former associate professor at Harvard.

“Kiko’s Thinking Time gives kids training wheels to practice critical skills like working memory and reasoning. It does this by providing a structured environment and by designing progression in a rigorous, hierarchical way.”

Kiko’s Thinking Time is only available on the iPad but its developers are working on bringing it to Android and Chromebook devices in the future.