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Apple iTunes Store Is Giving Back Refunds Within 14 Days

If you live in Europe and you are unhappy with a software purchase, you now have a two-week window to ask for your money back -- no questions asked.

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In case you missed it, you can now get refunds for your impulsive Apple iTunes App Store app purchases, as long as you reside in Europe and do the refund within two weeks. Another catch is that once the app (or book, song, or video) is opened or played, Apple has the rights to decline your refund. Cupertino promises that returned payments will be made within 14 days of the order-cancellation request and they’ll be credited to the users original form of payment.

It doesn’t sound like much, especially if opening an Apple iTunes app (or book, song or video) is essentially what you would do to see if you like or hate a particular app (or book, song or video). Unfortunately though, it seems there’s no plan to bring such an arrangement to the US at this time. It seems like this move from Apple was more about bringing the digital store in line with the Consumer Rights Directive in all of the European Union’s member nations. If you’re interested in reading the fine print, you’ll find it at the source link below.

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