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Skype For Web To Be Released

Skype For Web

Skype has done its fair bit to help break down the barriers of communication across continents using the Internet, and has already been one of the pioneers where real-time voice and video communication are concerned. Skype has now made its way across a variety of devices after computers – namely smartphones, TVs, and heck, even on gaming consoles! Handling more than 2 billion minutes daily in terms of voice and video calls (that’s over 33 million hours) , it seems that the innovative spirit of Skype is far from being quenched, thanks to the release of Skype for Web (Beta). Today that allows you to enjoy video chat in a browser.

This is definitely reminiscent of ICQ for Web, if you can still remember this particular instant messaging program. Skype for Web would make life quicker and easier for you to hook up with friends, family and colleagues, for free, too, straight from their website. This is ideal for those who would prefer to rely on a browser rather than actually having to go through the nuances of downloading and perform the installation process – which can be a mild irritant on a Skype-less PC. Maybe you’re even on the go and using another person’s pc while on vacation.


Skype for Web does not need a prior app download, where all you need to do to get started is to sign in on Skype.com, and you’re good to go. Compatible browsers include Internet Explorer, Chrome on Windows, Firefox and Safari. [Press Release]


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