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Will.i.am Plans to Launch His Smartwatch On October 15th (Video)


Will.i.am has been active in the tech scene for a while, we last saw him spearheading a 3D printer campaign. The Black Eyed Peas Crooner will finally launch his smartwatch that was originally debuted  for July. Lets all hope he got it right this time, as the smartwatch market is jampacked with worthy contenders. The big unveil will be held on Wednesday night in San Francisco during Salesforce.com’s Dreamforce event. . Will.i.am said that, it will have Bluetooth, WiFi connections, be able to make calls without your phone connection, and connect to your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter apps. The Telegraph also reports that the smartwatch will have a curved screen, and digital music service. In all seriousness, Will.i.am convinced music labels with the help of a UK firm 7digital to sign some lucrative contract for indie labels. Wearable fans, let hope his smartwatch has enough juice to make its way to our Christmas wish list.