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Solar Power to the Rescue !


Most of us have smart phones but one thing that doesn’t seem to be too smart is the batteries in them. With little usage on your phone you may be able to squeak by one day on a full charge. For others who heavily use their smart phone you most likely live by the charger. Let’s face it some of us would not be able to function with a dead smart phone.

You may be familiar with portable charging bricks or charging cases, but there are a few caveats with those. One of course is they required to be charged themselves and usually plugged into a wall or computer as a power source. Plugging your device into the wall will ultimately cause money and increase your energy bill.


So why not use something a little more Eco-friendly? Solar powered charging bricks are widely available and a great Eco-friendly units. Let’s take this Eco-friendly thing one step further , coming next week Boston area parks will be equipping some solar powered benches called “Soofas” that can charge your phones. Each Soofa costs an estimated $3,000 and will come with a 25-year guarantee from maker Changing Environments.


Alternative energy is on the rise and is actually pretty cool and useful, although on those overcast days we will for sure be running back to our conventional methods.

Source: Yahoo Tech