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Samsung To Showcase Specialty in High Density Cell Solutions at Mobile World Congress 2014


With the 2014 Mobile World Congress coming up, Samsung is not only showing their next big smartphone. Samsung will demonstrate its latest ‘High Density Cell Solutions’ at Mobile World Congress 2014. Samsung plans to use its Smart Networks technology to solve underperformance between network cells. As stated in a recent press release by Samsung, they will exhibit its ‘Smart SON’ and ‘Smart CA’ solutions that are confirmed by Samsung’s centralized intelligent network controller. For more on this news, see the full press release below.


Samsung’s longstanding expertise in Dense Urban Area deployments will help mobile operators to address surging Mobile Data traffic. Samsung Electronics will demonstrate its latest ‘High Density Cell Solutions’ at Mobile World Congress 2014. It will incorporate Samsung’s ‘Smart Networks’ technology, to addresses the chronic underperformance between network cells.

With the data disaster that characterizes the current smart devices, mobile networks need to address higher capacity demands, and mobile operators in turn must face voluntary high density cell deployments. Most of time, the capacity gains that these specialized cells give to the network are offset by higher interferences. To appease this challenge, Samsung will exhibit its ‘Smart SON’ and ‘Smart CA’ solutions, both drawing on its Smart Networks technology. Both ‘Smart’ solutions are confirmed by Samsung’s centralized intelligent network controller, the ‘Smart SchedulerTM.


Samsung’s Smart SON (Self Organizing Network) automatically identifies sub-par network performances and takes corrective action in near real-time. Samsung will show sample simulations of unexpected cell outages, and the following inspections and coverage recovery through intelligent adjustment of select parameters such as antenna and amplifier power levels. The demonstration will furthermore highlight the coverage hole created by a new building structure, together with Smart SON’s response of dynamic coverage-capacity optimization.


Samsung’s Smart CA (Carrier Aggregation) is designed to provide operators with increased flexibility in network resource utilization, and has been shortlisted in the Best Mobile Infrastructure category of the Mobile World Congress 2014 Global Mobile Awards. By aggregating bands with best conditions, the demonstration will reveal how Smart CA maximizes the data throughput of mobile users located in overlapping cell border areas.


“Samsung has focused on developing and offering the most efficient network solutions for surging mobile data traffic,” said Sam Baker, Vice President and Head of Marketing Group at Networks Business, Samsung Electronics. “As a result, Samsung has successfully provided its advanced LTE networks to the dense urban areas in the U.S., Japan and Korea, whose markets also have the highest requirements of mobile data usage. We are confident that these solutions will equip operators to meet the rapidly increasing demands placed on their networks. Samsung will continue to innovate in this area, reinforcing its position as a network specialist for high density cell solutions.”


Samsung will also present its ‘C-RAN’ configuration for optimized network deployment. By centralizing baseband units and integrating with the Smart SchedulerTM, Samsung’s radio access networks assist and increase the efficiencies of network management for mobile operators. Samsung has been supplying C-RAN network architectures since 2012 to Korean operators, thus capturing the early stage of LTE deployment in the country. Relying on significant reductions in operator CAPEX and OPEX as testament, Samsung will share its practical learnings on key C-RAN benefits.


Samsung anticipates that combining Smart SON and Smart CA with a C-RAN configuration will prove to be collaborative for those mobile operators confronted with recurring capacity challenges.


Via: Samsung TomorrowSamsung, Fox News