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Watch The E-Volo Volocopter VC200 Complete First Flight


What will a helicopter and a drone have if they had love child, a E-Volo Volocopter VC200 will be the outcome. A little introduction on E-Volo’s Volocopter VC200,  it’s a two -seater, and packs 18 electrically driven rotors on a circular frame. It has six arms that extends from the rotor ring split into twelve more arms, with rotors mounted at each juncture. The E-Volo Volocopter VC200 completed its first maiden flight in Germany,  on November 17. The indoor flight inside the dm-arena in Karlsruhe, Germany, lasted for 20 minutes while being remotely controlled. The team in charge of the E-Volo Volocopter VC200  plans to get it at a cruising speed of at least 54 knots (62 mph / 100 km/h) and a flight altitude of 6,500 ft for the production version. Enjoy the video below to see the E-Volo Volocopter VC200  in action.