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Print Your Shoes With CubeX Trio


As a child I always loved the idea of designing and wearing my own creations but as I grew up I took a totally different direction.  I grew up to be a “consumer” and buy my own things.   Though I could have been a fashion designer, you know?  But printing shoes?  I definitely didn’t see that one coming!

Once again technology blows me away and I’m back to my 10-year-old imaginary world where I can do anything!  Because now I can design and bring to real life my own shoes.  All I need is a US$ 2.600 CubeX Trio printer and I’m ready to go.  OK, I don’t think I’d be able to do that now but dreams don’t cost a thing and I’m sure 3D printers will eventually be affordable.  In a few years, right?

Janne Kyttanen, founder of Netherlands-based design firm Freedom of Creation, is transforming the way we shop through 3D printing with the CubeX Trio.  He has started this transformation by designing a range of shoes on the Cubify 3D printing platform where you can download and print your shoes.  You can choose from four different wedge styles and adjust your shoe size.

Print Your Shoes With CubeX Trio
CubeX Showroom 2013

“Today we are bound by the products in physical stores. Personalisation is difficult and rare… The consumer now also becomes a designer and manufacturer.” Kyttanen told to Wired.co.uk.

Now that’s what a “prosumer” is all about!

Consumer goods created via 3D printers is a reality and a trend and as long as this trend keeps evolving, and it will, we “the consumers” will indeed become the manufacturers of many products.  At least those that don’t require certification or safety regulations… I think.

Shoes. Dresses.  Toys.  Accesories.   That’s is just the start.  What will come next?  Only time, and 3D printers, will tell.

Source: Wired.co.uk, Janne Kyttanen