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Scout Home Security System, Is Sleek, Secure, Smart, And Gets The Job Done


Its been a while  I have actually seen an elegantly designed, and affordable security system like Scout. Unlike the big clunk box in my mother in-laws house that never fails to yell out “FRONT DELAY DOOR” when I come to visit. Scout notifies you on the go, this defines the meaning of something being “Above Par”. “Scout makes the latest home security technology affordable for everyone with no required monthly fees”.

You can instantly install this security system yourself, and not worry about technician fees, contracts, and an angry landlord who wouldn’t allow the conventional installation of old security systems.

With a WiFi network, and a mobile app that sends you live updates when anything is out of the ordinary, your Scout is ready to protect. Configuration, and account management can be done on your smartphone or computer. As seen on Scout’s page, “It plugs directly into your internet router and works over WIFI. It also has a 3G cellular chip, which, upon activation, can be used with a monthly monitoring plan and covers you if your WIFI goes out. The device also has a backup battery in case of power outages”. After Hurricane Sandy, as a New Yorker I personally witnessed how useless the old security systems can be, in power outages.

You can Pre- Order your Scout now, starting at $120. The first batch ships in August 2013. My favorite saying have always “If we can’t invent them, we buy”

Scout, I just have to say this

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