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Leaked Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Video Confirms A 512GB Model

Galaxy Note 9 can have up to 1TB of total storage


Looks like the flow of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 isn’t stopping anytime soon. The one responsible for these leaks ironically happens to be Samsung. We are used to leaks from factory floors, retailers and those who spend their time looking for, but multiple leaks from the Korean is just embarrassing. Apart from the pre-order announcement leak from some days back, the latest visuals we have of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is a video of the device Samsung accidentally posted for its next flagship. The teaser video shows off the yellow stylus that comes with the blue edition of the phone. We also get to see the overall design and some actual spec of the device. The video confirms that a 512GB version will be available, with support for up to 512GB microSD cards.

Samsung plans to officially launch the Note 9 on August 9th at an Unpacked event in New York. I guess we’ll have to wait to see if there are some features or of the Note 9 that hasn’t leaked yet. With the company’s last financial earnings and the weak Galaxy 9 sales, it obvious the Korean company is hoping for a home run — I guess that explains the multiple leaks. See the teaser video below.