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Misfit Now Lets You Customize Your Misfit Fitness Tracker


Misfit is known in the wearable insudtry for making fashionable trackers and smartwatches. As if their lead isn’t enough, the company just launched a new service called Make Your Misfit that lets lets customers change the color, strap style, and material of Misfit products like the Phase, Ray, Shine 2 or upcoming Android Wear Vapor smartwatch. Their smartwatch and tracker color options depends on the device you choose, the colors include red, gray midnight and champagne. The silicon, nylon or leather bands come in around 18 colors, the company cliams that their buyers will have “600 unique possible combination” options to design their devices with the number increasing to 1,000 by the years end.

For those who are intrested in Misfit’s new Make Your Misfit movement, you need to hit the company’s site to select the device of your choice, color, band and color.

The new Make Your Misfit service works with the following Misfit products:

  • Shine 2 — The original Misfit design but with a circle of LEDs that tracks steps and sleep, and can vibrate to nudge you awake or keep moving.
  • Ray — Is a stylish Misfit wearable in form of a cylinder, it comes with basic movement tracking
  • Phase — The Phase is an analog watch that comes with the same fitness-tracking features on the Shine and Ray, with the exception of a heart-rate sensor.
  • Vapor — Is the company’s first touchscreen smartwatch, which is priced at $199 and runs Android Wear 2.0.