Samsung Galaxy Note 7
Image Credit: Isriya Paireepairit/Flickr

Who hasn’t heard of the popular Samsung Galaxy Note 7 debacle with the devices blowing up on various devices due to the bad battery builds (by a non-Samsung manufacturer)?

Well, the company has released an apology for those US customers that were affected. The video below features Samsung America President & COO, Tim Baxter. Baxter sincerely apologizes and declares that Samsung is fully committed to regaining full consumer trust  and support through “a number of unprecedented actions and the extraordinary support of our carrier partners, suppliers, and the United States Consumer Products Safety Commission.”

So far 137,000 Galaxy Note 7 units have been returned to Samsung directly and carriers across the US, but the company plans to carry out further “corrective steps to exchange every single Note 7 on the market,” says Tim Baxter. So if you still have your Note 7 then I recommend that you power your phones down immediately and return your devices in as soon as possible. Either to the carrier where you purchased them from directly or to Samsung.

If you are concerned about when you will receive your replacement, well starting tomorrow, September 21st all carriers in the US will have a fresh restock of the newer, safer Galaxy Note 7s. The new models have been declared safe by an independent lithium ION battery expert that is not only well recognized in the field but has chosen to walk with Samsung every step of the way to make sure each device is reliable for public usage.

Let us know if you have replaced your Note 7 already, some carriers have reported to having replacements earlier this week since yesterday. Feel free to check out the apology video below, thanks to Android Police: