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Often you’ll find video games that make tributes to various celebrities, icons and even fans of their titles. Sometimes you may see them promote it, or even be in it (usually in background roles). But this time, Bethesda is featuring the late brother of Reddit user NoohjXLVII (or Andy) who plays a huge role in the newest DLC update for Fallout 4.

You’ll find the virtual brother of “Andy” towards the southern area of the new Nuka World map. The guy is even named after his brother, “Evan”. Evan is a very generous character that will assist you along your journey and will offer you whatever he can, nearly as similar as Evan was in real life. Bethesda really captured the likeness and essence of the real Evan’s character and made his brother very happy to be able to have good positive memories of his deceased brother.

While this attempt won’t bring Evan back to Andy it is an honorable gift and keeps a great image of Evan in Andy’s heart as he plays this game. But it doesn’t have to stop there, you too can help out Evan’s & Andy’s parents as they go through this awful burden of having to deal with the loss of their child. There is a GoFundMe page that the Stromer family has that is supposed to help the family with the huge amount of hospital bills that the insurance companies are not willing to pay for. It’s a shame that the family has to deal with the loss of a son & brother that was taken far too soon from those that loved him.

Hey guys, it’s me again. I’m the one who posted that depressing post a couple months back, Bethesda responded to that post by turning my brother into a character that you can find in Nuka World.
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If you are interested in playing the newest DLC for Fallout 4 make sure to pay Evan a visit.

If you want to donate to the GoFundMe for Evan’s family, you can visit the site here.