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How To Connect Your Lifx Color 1000 Smart Bulb To Google Now

You can now say “Ok Google, turn on all my lights” and your Lifx Color 1000 smart bulbs will come on.


The Lifx Color 1000 smart bulb currently trumps any color-changing smart bulb out there, the coolest part is, it just keeps getting better. When I say that the Lifx smart bulb keeps getting better, I mean it in a good way. Lifx is doing a good job of continuing to integrate with notable third-party services and devices. The most recent third-party app to be integrated with the Lifx smart bulb is Google Now. The smart bulb is already compatible with IFTTT, the Nest Learning Thermostat, and the Amazon Echo smart speaker, among others. Unlike Philips Hue’s Zigbee bulbs, the Lifx smart bulb integration with Google was possible because Lifx bulbs communicate using Wi-Fi, which means there’s no need for a router, bridge, or special equipment.

The Google app gives you an intelligent and hands-free way to control your LIFX lights. From changing color to adjusting brightness, Since Google understands complex phrases, this makes it a cool integration for Lifx smart bulb users.

Getting your bulb working with Google now is a simple as downloading the LIFX app and enable ‘Always on’ for Ok Google in your Android device and you are ready to go.

When done right, you can use these commands to change the brightness, color and toggle your lights on and off from within the LIFX Android app:

“Ok Google, turn on all my lights”

“Ok Google, turn off my lights”

“Ok Google, set my lights to light blue”

“Ok Google, make my lights brighter”

The Google app supports LIFX voice control even when the LIFX app is not open. To get this working, make sure ‘Always On’ is enabled on your Android and just add “on life x” to your voice commands, for example:

“OK Google, make my lights red, on life x”

We gladly made a video of the whole process for those who own a Lifx bulb or for the other half that’s still looking to buy a smart bulb some day. If you don’t know much about the Lifx smart bulb, then I’ll give you a little introduction/ review. The Lifx Color 1000 looks exactly like the original Lifx LED bulb, with the same flat-topped shape. The Lifx Color 1000 half an inch shorter, and weighs 2 ounces less than the original. The color 1000 11 watts at peak brightness allows it to use less energy compared to the 17 watts from the original. It can put out up to 1055 lumens, which is only a nominal improvement over its predecessor’s 1017 lumens. It is considerably more energy efficient, on the other hand, consuming just 11 watts at peak brightness.

The Lifx bulb comes with a simple to use app that’s available for both Andriod and iOS users. The app allows you to change the color of your bulb, brightness or white light. The app also comes with a bunch of effects like the music visualizer that can sync lighting changes in rhythm with whatever music you’re playing. The smart bulb also comes with a very nice productivity feature that offers a very in-depth and simpe to use scheduling feature.

The price if the Lifx Color 1000 is $60 (about £40, or a little over AU$80), when you factor in what other companies are charging for a starter kit that comes with their smart bulb’s proprietary hub, the Lifx smart bulb will be considered a great buy.