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Apple TV Adds Back The Podcasts App

While tvOS 9.1.1 is available today, tvOS 9.2 is expected to be released later this year.

Apple TV Podcasts
Image Credit: gorekun/Flickr

Apple has several planned iOS updates that should be arriving this year. With the booming success of the Apple Watch and the Apple TV, Apple want’s to further improve the quality of the software even further. Speaking of the Apple TV, there was one minor error that Apple forgot to fix….or even add to their set-top box. Somehow the Apple Podcasts app didn’t get installed onto any of the 4th Generation Apple TVs.

But they have already fixed it with the newest update (tvOS 9.1.1) which is available today. The next tvOS update (tvOS9.2) will bring new features like folders (for app organization), Bluetooth keyboard support (Finally!) and a new multitasking UI. It’s rumored that owners will be able to access it during the spring. Apple iOS 9.3 & WatchOS 2.2 also arrives during that time.

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