Sony is not the kind of company to sit back and watch Microsoft take the win for their new 1TB Xbox One. On Sony’s European blog, the company revealed their new “Ultimate Player Edition”, it’s just a PS4 with double storage. The post also noted that the new 1TB PS4 Ultimate Player Edition console will debut across Europe on July 15th. There’s no word on a US launch date yet but, we’ll getting a confirmed date soon as the 1TB PS4 Ultimate Player Edition has already appeared in an FCC filing.

Sony announced that the 500Gb PS4 model also lost 10 percent of its weight and it gained 8 percent more power efficiency in the process. The glassy top cover on the console has been replaced with a matte finish. We didn’t only get hardware news, a couple of updates just hit both the iOS and Android PlayStation apps.




Users can now redeem their PSN gift cards and promotional codes on their smartphone app. You can now display comments on your PlayStation app while you are broadcasting from your console.