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Facebook Can Now Help You End That Difficult Marriage


Trying to end that painful marriage quickly? Is your partner avoiding your divorce papers on purpose? Try using Facebook instead. A Manhattan Supreme Court judge has just ruled in a case where a New York woman can legally serve her divorce summons by messaging her soon to be ex-husband on Facebook. Once produced and sent, Facebook sends him the notifications, once a week for three weeks. If he either acknowledges the message or refuses to respond, then the divorce is finalized.

This divorce ruling could forever change the future methods for settling divorces in New York, or other states across the USA. And since you won’t have to stress about tracking someone down that you may not like being around, you can now deliver them a divorce summons notice in person through Facebook. I can see how this could be beneficial, if you’re current spouse doesn’t have an actual fixed mailing address or if you don’t know the exact place where they work, or even if they (or their relatives) are hard to track down, especially since you want to end such a thing peacefully. We doubt that other social networks will be adding such support for things like this, it really shows how much Facebook has grown, and even the legal system honors their method of contact, though I’d expect some sort of fee upfront or a charge if the divorce was successful, in the future.