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Aspiro’s Streaming Services Are Now Owned By Jay-Z


Jay-Z is obviously known as a hip-hop artist, prolific businessman and married to the beautiful Beyoncé. But very few of us knew of his recent attempts to acquire Swedish tech company, Aspiro. Aspiro shareholders were trying to search for a better offer from other bids but to no avail, Jay-Z’s $56 million bid from S. Carter Enterprises’ “Project Panther,” was just approved and the deal is now done.

Aspiro is the company that is behind streaming services like Tidal and WiMP. These audio services are well-known by audiophiles all over the globe. There are curated song titles and playlist recommendations, artists interviews, and songs you can stream and download in lossless FLAC format. Currently it is available in six countries across the European market and have over 580,000 paying customers.

Aspiro joins the likes of Spotify and other music streaming services.

Image Credit – Adam Glanzman – Flickr

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