Samsung Creates App That Helps Autistic Children


More than 60 million people worldwide suffer from autism, and many struggle to make eye contact and have poor social skills. While there is no cure for the condition, the use of technology in autism treatment has grown in popularity in recent years. And Samsung’s latest Look At Me app uses technology in a way that helps improve eye contact and boost autistic children’s social skills and facial recognition abilities.

Autism is a well-known developmental disorder that constraints a person’s ability to communicate with the people around them, but it’s believed that its sufferers do enjoy using computers and other tech.

AUTISM AND ITS EFFECTS Autism is a neurological disorder that affects how a person communicates, and relates to, other people. It can also affect how they make sense of the world around them.


It was from that spark that Samsung, working with two universities (with professors, doctors and designers) in Seoul, was inspired to craft an app that could train sufferers to communicate with people. Look At Me is, in essence, a series of short games that teach autistic kids to look at faces, read real facial expressions and understand emotional responses.

It’s still a new product, but the test group seems to have found a positive improvement, which is encouraging for the future. Look at Me is available for free on Google Play, and works with many of the recent Samsung devices.