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Gmail Gets A Minor Inbox Update


Google has been doing lots of minor updates in the past few days to their entire ecosystem. One of the latest is allowing Gmail users to edit their Microsoft Office documents right in the inbox, saving you time and stress. When you receive a document, excel file or a Powerpoint as an attachment, Google can automatically convert them to a Google supported file. As soon as you click them your Microsoft Word documents become Google Docs; Microsoft Excel sheets become Google Sheets and Microsoft PowerPoint become Google Slides. They have even added other Office file type formats as well. When you edit your files this way certain benefits take place, for instance auto saving is enforced, preventing you from ever losing your document even if you have to stop in the middle of editing or if (for some reason) your devices loses power. Another advantage is that once converted, all files are saved on Google’s Drive application. This allows you to view the documents history and makes accessibility on and offline a plus, because the Drive is Google’s own cloud storage. But what if you need to resend the edited document? Well they have also thought of that as well, providing that you use their Chrome browser, Google has added an extension that makes editing on the fly a breeze.


This slight update makes receiving those business type of emails very efficient and time saving. Allowing you to go through your email’s with precision and quickness. And can have you getting back to your day.

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