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Watch The First Teaser Trailer For Jurassic World (Video)


The first Jurassic World trailer will debut on Thanksgiving, if holding off for a couple of days is not just your thing, Universal is giving us a tip of the iceberg in for a 20 seconds teaser trailer. The new teaser trailer for Jurassic World is the first footage we’ve seen from the movie. For sure, we get to see some dinosaurs in the park, some futuristic observation vehicle and Chris Pratt. From the 20 seconds video and 22 years of technological advancement in the movie industry, I guess we’re all in for a wow moment like the first movie’s effect when we first saw it 22 years ago. The movie will hit theaters in June 2015, are you excited, what do you think about the new Jurassic World?


Update: The full trailer for Jurassic World dropped two days ahead of the promised Thanksgiving debut. Enjoy the full trailer below.




Source: Universal YouTube