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The TomTom Golfer Was Designed Specifically For Golfers


Any Golf enthusiast knows it’s the start of the Ryder Cup, and TomTom’s new GPS-powered wearable is right on time for some golfing action. The company’s new wearable is the TomTom Golfer, it’s a simple looking watch that comes with the data for more than 34,000 courses. The TomTom Golfer is capable of keeping track of your distance, scores and time for every hole– while you’re playing at a supported course. Some other notable feature of the TomTom Golfer is, its waterproof, and has ability to bring you detailed information of nearby courses.

“Understanding the challenges ahead will help golfers to improve their score” “The TomTom Golfer provides at-a-glance graphics to critical course data helping golfers to make smarter decisions and improve how they play.”Says Corinne Vigreux, Managing Director, TomTom Consumer

The wearable comes in two models that either have a black or white strap, you can pre-order the TomTom Golfer now for £200 (around $325), and it starts shipping “within 30 days.”


Source: TomTom