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Robugtix T8: The Terrifying 3D Spiderbot


Arachnophobia: from the Greek: aráchnē, “spider” and phóbos, “fear” is the fear of spiders.  Did you know that 50% of women and 10% of men show symptoms of this phobia?  Well fret no more… or do but be prepared for the terrifying 3D spiderbot Robugtix T8.

Robugtix T8: The Terrifying 3D Spiderbot

This Tarantula-like robot could be a very twisted gift for an arachnophobic or anyone who, like me, is just afraid of spiders.  At least when it comes to huge, lethal spiders.

Although a bit expensive (meaning $1.350) this 3D-printed teaser toy is powered by a Bigfoot Inverse Kinematics Engine to allow a life-like movement.   It has it’s own firmware and it can be controlled with the wireless Robugtix™ Controller (not included).  It also has an interface to program it with simple commands, creating your own sequences, so that you can use your imagination to play with it.


So, already thinking of including the Robugtix T8 in your wish list for Santa?  Well, start behaving or you’ll get none.  It’s a costly little gadget for naughty boys… or girls!  (Spoiler alert! The Robugtix T8 weighs 1 kilogram.  It’s not really such a “little toy” as one might think).

*Source: Robugtix