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Google Edition super-phones now available from Google Play


Today Google has officially started selling the “Google Edition” HTC One and Galaxy S4 super-phones from the Play Store. Both of these devices are running the latest version of Android (4.2.2) and are expected to be updated often alongside the current crop of Nexus devices. The internal and external hardware of both devices is exactly the same as the “skinned” versions of the device, the only changes are software related. According to Google the underlying device software that controls camera algorithms and the like is unchanged, so battery, camera, call quality, and other such factors of the device will not be changed in anyway whatsoever.

Both devices are capable of using GSM networks found on popular U.S. carriers such as AT&T and T-Mobile. LTE Networking is still present on both devices and according to early review units received by prominent web sites, it is wholly working. The HTC One costs $599 and oddly enough, the slightly more powerful (yet not so stunning) Samsung Galaxy S4 costs $649. Also, if this is anything like past device launches on the Play Store, buyers who are able to get their orders in before they run out of stock (if they do) will most likely be seeing their devices shipped within 1-2 weeks.

Source: Google Play