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Neptune Waterproof MP3 Player Uses Bone Conduction Audio Transmission (Video)


Who would’ve thought that the hearing of some marine mammals such as the toothed whale would lead to the development of “Neptune waterproof MP3 player” with the highest quality sound in the water, but without actual ear buds.

An air-filled human ear is nearly useless underwater because of the acoustic impedance mismatch. To avoid this, Finis developed a Bone Conduction audio transmission MP3 player – the Neptune – which transmits the sound through the cheekbone straight into your inner ear.  But how?  The speakers rest on your cheek and make the bone vibrate. These vibrations are channeled to your cochlea and that’s how you can hear what’s playing.

Bone conduction has been used in headphones before for people with normal or impaired hearing but it was time to dip them in water.

Underwater music fans? Problem solved!

This unique three-piece device has 4GB of storage, two side speakers and an OLED screen that shows the song, artist and play status and attaches securely to goggle straps to avoid any interference with your swimming.

With summer just around the corner, music pool sessions are on!

More information at Finis Inc.


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