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Turn Wi-Fi off as my phone sleeps?ARGHHH Data Usage Increase!…Not!


I don’t know how many times I’ve heard people say that turning Wi-Fi off when your phone is in sleep mode will increase data usage, and so they never do so.  Most phones even come with this warning when you chose this option.

 However, the solution is a simple one. Turn your data usage off – Problem solved.

 This way, no data is used whilst your phone is in sleep mode, and the Wi-Fi will automatically turn off as your phone sleeps. Then when you start using your phone, thus “waking it up”, your phone will automatically connect to your Wi-Fi as long as it’s within range, and off again in sleep mode.

 This is actually the most energy conserving option for your phone, and you’ll notice an increase in battery life.

 Turning data usage back on when you need it is a simple process – it’s all a win, win situation.

 This Episode explains the Advanced Wi-Fi Settings – What an open network is, and how to set up notifications, what Wi-Fi settings you should use whilst your phone is in sleep mode, what AP is as well as how to set a Wi-Fi timer. It also tells you where you can find both your MAC and IP address.

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