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Some XBOX LIVE Services And Apps Are Down, Users May Experience Difficulties Accessing Them


If you are wondering what is wrong with your Xbox LIVE Service today, don’t blame it on your console. Microsoft posted on their support page that “Users may experience difficulties with the following services”

The affected LIVE platforms include Windows 8, Xbox360 Console, and Xbox.com. There is a posibility that Streaming music or videos from Zune Marketplace is also affected.ESPN, Karaoke, and SmartGlass  are among the apps facing difficulties. Here is the link to check the status of your affected services, to know when the are up and running. Microsoft said “Thank you for your patience as we work out this issue and make sure to check back here for updates on our progress.”

Let us know if your services are out, I have been playing COD: Black Ops II and no problemo!

Via: Polygon

Source: Xbox LIVE Status

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